November 20, 2012

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This is my third book on vimarshe.published from Christ university Kannada sangha.

books cover pages

This is my first book on vimarshe-literary criticism.The coverpage is done by welll known artist Ravikumar Kashi.This book was published by D.V.Pahlad of Sanchaya little magazine with all love.

November 14, 2012

Why Girish Karnad is wrong and Naipaul is right?

There is a word negationism used by Dr Elst.It means when you know that some is right and true still you deny both the fact and the argument.Girish Karnard has done the same.
Turks in the mediaval period attacked on Indian provinces of Sindh, Aghanistan, Baluchistan and Pakistan.This Arab and Turk invasion slowly gave away for the rule of Islam from Delhi.Gulami dynasty, Iltamish, Balban, and of course Girish Karnards favouritte protogonist Tughlaq ruled from Delhi.Karnard is defending Muslims?Who are those Muslims?Are they the muslims of the Past who plunderd Kashi, Ayodhya, Delhi, and the entire North India?Or they the normal rishwala, meat seller, workshop owner muslims that you & I find in every city of India?

Clearly when Naipaul mentioned about the wound caused by muslims he is referring to Babur who gave instructions at the order of a 'sufi saint' to destroy the Ram temple at Ayodhaya.Naipaul is clear.Both the stands can't be right when it comes to truth.

The problem of Karnard is intermixing the domains of knowledge.He is a creative writer, playwright and actor and  not a historian.But he assumes that he knows more of Indian history than anybody.One thing is clear whether you are a rightist, or leftist or centralist if you want to talk on Islam in India you need to understand the records available in Persian, Arabic and Urdu.Surely Karnard is miles away from these languages and the records.Also one needs to understand the diffrent namas(Baburnama,Akbarnama,Jahangirnama).Karnard has none of these equipments.

                                       (picture of Somnath Temple dstroyed and looted by Muslim army)

Mr.Karnards problem is that he always takes Romila Thapar as the authority on Indian history.Already Siddhqui, R.C.Majumdar,Jadunath Sarkar had written before her but she who has mastered the art of negationism never took the pain to look in their writings.She dimissed them!This is her scholarship & Karnard relyes on her.In the recent 20-25 years voice of India a publishing house from New Delhi has done tremendous work to put the recors straight in the field of Indian history.But Bipin Chandras, Irfan Habibs, Romila Thapars, A.G.Nooranis, Khushwanth Sinhgs knows how to manipulate and play with the facts.Not even a single review appeared in any of the national dailies or weeklies on hundreds of well researched publications of VOI,thnaks to Romila Thapar and thier gang.Mr.Karnard is only a new comrade in to the red brigade.
Niether Karnad nor the secularist brigade which always protects the semetic or the Communist  imperialism
bothered to look in to the facts given by noted historians and well respected academicians and reliable journalists across the world.The khaji Nasrul Islams, Asfaq ulla Kahans, Nissar Amheds & A.P.J.Abdul Kalams are not muslims for them.No Indian who is sane has never questioned the honesty of any one of these,rather Hindus have bestowed lot of reverence and loive for these.QUESTION IS WITH ISLAM, ITS IDEOLOGY, ITS PROPHET & NOT DIRECTLY WITH MUSLIMS AS SUCH.
I have many question to ask to Mr.Karnad, who considers himself as the champions of muslims.Here you go:
  1. Mr.Karnard do you know Islam?Have you ever ever read The Holy Quran and the Hadis either in Arabic, or Urdu or atleast in English?
  2. Salman Rushdie wrotethe Satanic Verses in English it was trnaslated in to Japanese and soon the trandslator was mudered by Islamic terrorists, Mr.Karnad why it was so?
  3. Do you why invaders from Arab plunderd the temples and waged the so called holy war-Jihad on Hindus and India?You are supposed to be very learned man, winner of Jnanapeeth award,you must be knowing that Mahabharatha war and Jihad are not one and the same.In any criminal court proceedings the motivation behind the crime is always importnat, so it is here in the case of Jihad.
  4. India was vivisected and Pakistan was created in 1947.When Pakistan attacked on India(of course the prestigeous Indian jawans belted them like anything is a different story, which playright like you never wish to make a play
  5. Have you at point of time in your career of redaing read these books by Anwar Shekh:Islam & Terrorism,This is Jihad,Sex & Violence:Islam,Islam-Arab Nationalism.These books have opened the eyes of those have no idea about the inner world of Islam both physical and ideological.I can bet that once the red brigade reads them with open mind their notion of secularism will be shattered into pieces.(please follow the blog for a separte wrting on Anwar shekh).
  6. One thing is clear Islam as a thinking has given nothing to India and the world except Jihad, plundering the temples,jaina basadis, buddhist stupas,molesting Hindu women,forceful conversion into Islam.So Hindustani music is not at all their contribution to India.Developing such a wonderful area of art is the genius of the Hindus.For that matter Islam doesnot sanction music in any form.If they love music then why is that when every year the Hindu youths take the Ganesha murthy for visarjan tried to play the music in front of the Masjid are either stopped or deviated by Indian police.Mr.Karnad, if Bade Gulam Ali Khan,Ameer Khan, Zakir Hussain, Vilayat Khan are singing Hindustani music it not because of Islam but inspitte of Islam.
  7. Purandara Dasa is considerd as the narada maharshi and pitamaha of Carnatic music.He came during the Vijyayanagara period,but Mr Karnad before him there were muslim Jihadi forces in Dorasamudra(todays Halebidu) and Hoysla kingdom was destroyed by Malik Kafar.Why then the Jihadis does not create Carnatic music in the south.So music is not their contribution but destruction of thousands of beautiful temples from Somnath to Calicut is their contribution.The same forces are trying attack on Indian parliament and tried to destroy Akshara Dham, ISKCON and were successful in burning the The Taj hotel in Mumbai.I think Karnad you need to check your memory power with a good doctor.
  8. If you not read the book -The Legecy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims with a forward by Andrew G.Boston you must read it.If you want I can send my personal copy.You will get the real picture of Islam without any censor in this book.
  9.  Mr.Naipaul in this topic is correct,he has travelled across the Muslim countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi and Indonesia and written Among the believers.He is not the first one to unmask Islam and the attitude of muslims based on its ideology.Before him Swami Dayananda,Swami Vivekanada,Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar,Sri Arobindo,Ram Swarup,Ibn Waraq,Anwar Shekh,H.D.Sharma have removed the mask of Islam.forget about Naipaul if you want to knbow about the real heart of Indian muslims take few days to read the works of Hamid Dalwai and M.C.Chagla.
  10. You may think as the sympathiser of Islam,but before the ulema and the Quran you are one more kafir like me.You can never be equal or nearby eqaul to an ordinary muslim.This is the bedrock theology of Islam.Yoiu might have written dramas like 'Tughlaq' and 'The dream of Tippu Sultan' but Ulema will not be happy with you because though you hate Hinduism yoiu have written dramas based on Mahabharatha and other Hindu sources. 
Sometimes you also speak as the champion of secularism.Secularism and Islamic ideology can't go together.If want to test please look into the current world politics and show me one  Islamic nation where democracy is present.Poison and nector can't be together.

India is know for its plurality in puja, dhyan, mantra,devata and method of upasana.(Of late I have found that worship and puja are totally diffrent concepts therefore I am not using the English word here.).That plurality comes from Sanatana Dharma which includes todays Hinduism, Veerashaivism, Sikhism, Jainism & Buddhism.Sanatana Dharma can only uphold democrcy, voting right for women,general elections, newpress freedom.

Before I conclude, Mr.Girish Karnad can you name one incident when Naipaul raised these objections on Islam and muslims does any intellectual from Islam diffred with him.That silence from the muslim  world speaks lot of things.