January 26, 2008

Mahatma Gandhi and Cheeni Kam

Today is Jan 26th and India is celebrating the Republic day.

I was watching TV and noticed an interesting thing about the phenomenon of Mahatama Gandhi.

Let us take two scenario:
Scene 1:DD1

This was all about his come back to India and how became a leader of the masses.

Scene 2:SONY MAX
Movie: Cheeni Kam

Paresh Rawal who has acted as father of Tabu, the heroine , imitates the principles of Gandhi for wrong reasons.He likes cricket, eats meat and chicken and still a Gandhian.He don't want his daughter to marry the 64 year old Amitabh.So he goes on a fasting.

The acting of Paresh is superb as it truly represents the bunch of imitators of Gandhiji.

For me it was a nice contradiction of real Gandhi in DD1 and his imitators in post independence India , in Sony Max.

One can see both the idealism of Gandhi and imitation of his ideology on the chota screen.Whereas in reality one can show only the imitation of Gandhi on national holidays, school days and fancy dress competitions.

Mera Bharath Mahan!

January 01, 2008

Chi.Sreenivasa Raju:Silent yet dynamic Kannada cultural icon

Chi.Sreenivasa Raju made a house hold name among thousands of book lovers, poets and young students of Karnataka through his passion for Kannada language.

He is a symbol for thousands of young students who will come from villages to cities like Bangalore. Therefore he became more and more silent and observed life around, developed an ever lasting passion for Kannada and Karnataka. He silently participated in all the social and literary movements of 70's and 80's.

He wrote less and less and made others to write more and more. And when he wrote plays they were silent plays. This symbolizes his personality and attitude towards life.

He never believed in words and made all efforts to bring young blood into Kannada literary world. He was known for his capacity to attract new literary talents.

Today's new generation poets like H.S.Shivaprakash,Pratibhanandakumar,writers like Abdul Rasheed,Rahamat Tarikere, Amaresha Nugudoni and little magazine journalists like D.V.Prahlad and N.Ravikumar are products of his school of thought.He also created an opportunity for young writers of Karnataka to meet and exchange their writings.

He knew the art of winning the hearts of young writers by his simplicity and cool style. It speaks a lot of him if we know that he was able to publish more than 180 books in his tenure in Christ College!

Imagine a lecturer who took interest in encouraging more than 100 writers across 30 years with same passion and devotion to Kannada.Remember, like all heads of departments he had his regular classes, examination, time tables and paper valuation. He had a family too with two kids and beloved wife.His life seems very normal if looked from day today perspective, but if you consider those 30 years it is really a long period. His achievements are seemingly simple.

He was inspired by G.P.Rajaratnam and A.Na.Krishnarao.

He believed that this body comes from nature and goes to nature.And according to his own style he donated his body for the use of medical research to M.S.Ramaiah Medical Collage.

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