October 29, 2012

My books list G.B.Harisha

Here is a list of books written by me mainly in Kannada, the official state language of Karnataka,India.They are mainly into Hindu culture, Kannada literature and culture interpreted from an Indian point of view, on Indian nationalism,book reviews.They also include my doctral thesis on jaina sampradaya.books on tantra samparadya;translations from Sage Sri Aurobindo, scholar Prof.S.K.Ramachandra Rao and tapasvi Sri M.P.Pandit.Some of them are available some have to go for second or third edition print.

S M Punekar collected volumes(1 to 4) release function Presided by Sree Chiranjeevi Singh.Dr.G.S.Amur, Dr. Basavaraja Kalgudi and Sri Vasanth Mokashi are in picture

(With Dr S.L.Bhyrappa in Voice of India Kannada translation series book release function.I was the keynote speaker)

1. Belakinaata (2005): Essays on neglected writers and themes in Kannada Literature of 19 and 20th centuries. This book includes essays on Devachandra of Rajavali kathasara,Madhurachenna,D.R.Nagaraj,S M Punekar,Modern kannada poetry,Poems of Ananda Jhanjarawada (Sanchaya, Bengaluru)

2. Veda Tantra Samskruti (2008): Translation and original articles exploring the inner relation between Vedic way and tantric way. Primarily collection of translations from the works of Sri Aurobindo, M.P.Pandit and Prof.S.K.Ramachandra Rao (Srishthi Publication, Bengaluru)

3. Akshakke Ashcharya (2008): The concept of five elements in Indian tradition with special reference to long poem “Panchabhutas” of Sumateendra Nadig (Sapna Book House, Bengaluru)

4.Ennantarangada Aatuma(2008):Exploring the inner voice, cultural trends in the writings of modern Kannada writers like Gopala Krishna Adiga,B.C. Ramachandra Sharma, S.L.Bhyrappa,Sumateendra Nadig, Desha Kulakarni, Chintamani Kodlekere and English novelist Raja Rao (Christ University, Bengaluru)

5. Neerabelagu (2009): Edited 40 essays of Dr.Shankara Mokashi Punekar, veteran novelist, researcher and poet, for the first time. (Sapna Book House, Bengaluru)

6. Devachandra sahitya bhashe samskruti (2011): A deep enquiry in to the Jaina agama literature as depicted by Devachandra in rajavali.Also takes in to account the Kannada, Sanskrit and Prakrit works mentioned by Devachandra in his magnum opus. (Tumkur University, Tumkur)

7. Hatobhattaneya shatamana samskruti (2011): A brief introduction to the main literary currents and cultural atmosphere of Karnataka in 19th century. (Tumkur University, Tumkur)

8. Dhammapada (2011): Introduction to Budhha dhamma and darshna and translation of 21 chapters (vagga) of Dhammapada of Gautama Buddha. (Tumkur University, Tumkur)

9.Mahati-Collected Works of Dr.Shankar Mokashi Punekar volume 1(2012) 

10.Vastuvinyasa-Collected Works of Dr.Shankar Mokashi Punekar volume 2(2012)

11.Susandhi-Collected Works of Dr.Shankar Mokashi Punekar volume 3 (2012)

12.Kadambari Trivali-Collected Works of Dr.Shankar Mokashi Punekar volume 4 (2012) Abhinava Bengaluru

13.T.V.Kapalisastry-Jeevana mattu Sahitya(2012):This book deals with the tapasvi life and bright works of T.V.Kapali Sastriar in Kannada.I took 8 years to complete this book.Nirantara, Bengaluru

14.Vakrarekhe-my Ph.D.thesis on Jaina sampradaya based on the literary work Rajavalikathasara of Devachandra.Srishthi, Bengaluru.

15.Mahammad Ali Jinnah(With Pratapa Simha),Sahitya prakashana, Hubli

16.Sri Mathe(With Smt Girija M.R.), SAKSIVC, Bengaluru